large note card Santa


Unpainted: $45; China Painted: $80.00; fully bearded: $110.00.Hi Santa Maker!

Making an American Santa Claus is fun and much easier with my porcelain faces and pattern!   Face sizes make Santa Claus from 28 inches to 40 inches.  My pattern will show you how to make the armature, included a materials list and pattern to make his pants, vest, coat, gloves,  hat and boots.

We  have tanned  rabbit pelts in ivory, black and heather gray.  (IMPORTANT NOTE: rabbits were raised for consumption.)  Also on hand is Angora mohair from kid goats.  The soft curly hair!


If you want to sculpt your own Santa face we have a kit for that too!  See “American Santa Sculpting Kit.”

E-mail  me at or  text me at 584-286-2172 with questions so you can get started on your family heirloom Santa!  Fill his bag with memories!